Bright White Lighting

Bright white is an all time classic. A white lamp flatters every style and place, creates a pleasant diffusion of light and exudes timeless elegance. It’s the little black dress of interiors, you could say.

Sophisticated pendants, quirky table lamps or adjustable office lamps; selecting light sources with the right look and mood is an essential part of creating comfortable atmospheres. 

Use the white lamps as centrepieces in a decor of dark and saturated colors, or let them be the icing on the cake of a light and minimalistic style. 

White lamps exude timeless elegance. 

Lighting has been in our DNA since the very beginning. It all started with the self-assembly lamps Norm 69, Norm 03, Norm 06 and Norm 12, which were some of Normann Copenhagen’s very first products. 

Since then, the collection has grown into a diverse portfolio of styles that can accommodate both private and commercial lighting needs. 

The sculptural shape of the self-assembly lamps Norm 03, Norm 06, Norm 12 and Norm 69 create an elegant play of light and shadow. The lamp’s aesthetic exterior and characteristic design looks attractive in any home.

Norm 03 by designer Britt Kornum.

The smooth appearance and edgy minimalistic look of the white Amp lamps makes the series a sophisticated lighting choice that can form a part of many different interior decors.

Its white opalescent glass produces a beautiful and comfortable light, and the white marble fitting and white cord give the Amp series an elegant appearance.

Amp pendant made of white opalescent glass and white marble.

With the addition of Amp chandelier to the Amp series, designer Simon Legald made an impressive addition to our lighting collection that is worthy of any ballroom.

Amp chandelier by Simon Legald.

The opaqueness of the material in the Amp lamp highlights the shape of the lamp, making it appear as a pure and ghostly aesthetic silhouette. 

Amp chandelier by Simon Legald.

Bright white lamps can also be used in office environments, where they make way for bright ideas. The elegantly balanced architecture of the Momento and Flow lamps offer an adjustable light source and a playful solution to office environments.

With their energy-efficient LED lighting source, Flow, Momento and Stage create an attractive and comfortable light. 

Momento table lamp and Stage floor lamp by Daniel Debiasi & Federico Sandri.

Whether sophisticated pendants like the Amp lamp or the Norm series, adjustable office lamps like Momento, or quirky table lamps, selecting light sources with the right look and mood is an essential part of creating comfortable atmospheres. 

Choose white lamps in your interior decor for an effortless elegance, no matter the location. Explore all of our bright white lamps below!

Bell lamp by Andreas Lund & Jacob Rudbeck.