Normann x Brask Art Collection

In collaboration with art curator Jens-Peter Brask and a number of international artists, Normann Copenhagen launches a special collection in the intersection between art and design.

The collaboration was lead off with an exhibition in the Gallery of Normann Copenhagen’s showroom, challenging the convention of art and design. Here 10 artists have each given their interpretation of putting art into play in everyday life. The result is a colorful and eclectic collection that ranges from piquant playing cards to a sculptural six-legged side table.





“We are very honored that this strong team of artists agreed to collaborate with us. The emotional and reflective space that art addresses, seems to become more important aspects within the design profession, and we find it interesting to explore new creative perspectives by working in the field between the two disciplines. With the collection we can add a new dimension to our universe and make it accessible for more people to get a small piece of art into their home.
- Poul Madsen, CEO at Normann Copenhagen. 


The Normann x Brask Art Collection will be available around May 2019 and products will be sold in selected stores worldwide.






The collection is created by artists Ryan Schneider, Jørgen Haugen Sørensen, Mira Dancy, Greg Bogin, Vincent Dermody, Roma Manikhin, Tony Matelli, Gudrun Hasle, Graham Collins and Anton Munar. The Exhibition in the Gallery of the showroom will take place due out February and March 2019.






Normann x Brask Art Collection is a continuance of a number of initiatives within art and culture which Normann Copenhagen has supported. Among other things are the art festival CHART, Cph Art Week, CPH: DOX documentary film festival, and most recently Copenhagen's new venue Hotel Cecil.