People & Culture

The Foundation of The Company

Normann Copenhagen nurtures long-lasting relationships with clients, employees, designers, suppliers and other partnerships.

All of which are key partners in helping us achieve our principles for sustainable development.

We strive to create good and healthy working conditions and a diverse, supportive environment that promotes inspiration and encourages personal growth

Our Employees

Normann Copenhagen employs approximately 100 people worldwide. As of April 2022, we have a representation of 51% female and 49% male employees in our organization, and people of 23 different nationalities work at Normann Copenhagen.

We are committed to creating a more inclusive and diverse workplace, and encourage everyone, regardless of age, gender identification, sexual orientation, religion and ethnicity to apply for a job or internship at Normann Copenhagen.

We believe that a diverse and inclusive environment is central to creating an inspirational workplace.

Employee Health

The health and well-being of our employees are of great importance to us. On the rooftop of our HQ, we have established Normann Eatery, a chef-run canteen offering daily, freshly prepared meals for all employees. The eatery is focused on creating healthy, organic meals with a minimum of food waste. To further encourage a healthy lifestyle, we have established a fully equipped gym at the disposal of our employees.

We host several social events throughout the year, encouraging employees to form strong bonds with one another. We believe that time invested in health and safety has significant benefits in terms of employee welfare and morale. In addition to the initiatives above, we also provide health insurance to our employees. 

We are proud of the fact that as of March 2022, 76% of our employees working at our headquarters bike or walk to work every day, while 16% use public transport. In doing so, our employees are contributing to minimizing their carbon footprint by saving approximately 44 kg of carbon emissions every day.

Normann Copenhagen HQ

In September 2021, we moved from our home through the past decade, to the center of Copenhagen. The move enabled us to provide more space for our growing number of employees, and to unite all the departments in Copenhagen under one roof.

We have focused on sustainable solutions for the renovation of our new space, from solar cells on the roof to recycled paper used as room acoustics.

Read all about the Normann Copenhagen Headquarters via below link.

Giving Back

Since the company’s establishment in 1999, it has been of great importance to play a significant role in making a positive contribution to the society that surrounds us. We take great pride in taking social responsibility through our donations to charitable organizations. Furthermore, we enjoy being active sponsors of cultural initiatives. Explore more at the bottom of the page. 

In addition to a series of organizations supported every year, Normann Copenhagen has fostered a particularly strong, long-lasting relationship with the Danish Red Cross who we support year after year.