Christmas Gift Guide

The season of giving is just around the corner. Taking time to find the perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones makes the joy of giving extra special. Explore our gift guide and find inspiration on what to gift your friends, family and loved ones this Christmas. Or perhaps you will find inspiration for your own Christmas wish list - there is something for everyone!

Amp Lamp Block Table Bit Stool Left: Bit Stool. Right: Tombola Vases   

For home decor lovers. Find the perfect gift for the interior design enthusiast. From environmentally-friendly items such as the Bit Stool made from 100% recycled plastic, to an equally versatile and aesthetic mobile Block Side Table and the classic marble and glass Amp Table Lamp, there is something for everyone one your gift list.

Amp Lamp Block Table Bit StoolAmp Table Lamp Gold/Green       /      Block Table Grey        /        Bit Stool White Multi 

Ring Box Tombola Vase Snooze Bed Linen

   Ring Box Medium Sand          /         Tombola Vase Grey         /        Snooze Bed Linen



Drinking GlassesLeft: Craft Salt and Pepper Grinders. Right: Geo Vacuum Jug and Obi Cups



For anyone who loves entertaining. Everyone who loves hosting knows that you can always use some aesthetic tableware or kitchen accessories of high quality, and will be delighted to receive a dining accessory gift from Normann Copenhagen.

   Cognac Glass 2 pcs.           /         Craft Salt & Pepper Mill       /      Pebble Cheese Utilities


        Geo Vacuum Jug             /          Obi Cup Sand             /           Pebble Board Large


A group of Krenit bowls in varying sizes and colorsLeft: A classic Heima candlestick and some Krenit bowls. Right: a pair of Shorebirds



For the true design enthusiast. Whether you’re looking for a small but timeless gift such as the Bell Opener or a larger, iconic design such as the Norm 69 Pendant Lamp, these gifts will bring a smile to any design lover’s face. Explore our selection of popular and timeless classics that are sure to bring joy for years to come. 

         Krenit Bowl 30cl Silver          /         Shorebirds             /           Heima Candlestick

           Flip Mirror Grey          /         Norm 69 Pendant            /          Bell Opener Gold


A colorful flock of ShorebirdsLeft: Colored pencils. Right: Bright blue Curve Hooks



For playful minds and children alike. Perfect for adding a touch of character and fun to your space, these items, from fun, colored pencils to patterned rulers and oversized, bold Curve Hooks, will delight anyone regardless of age.

       Curve Hooks  Blue         /        Daily Fiction Felt Pens       /     Daily Fiction Scissors Gold

   Dropit Hooks Large 2 pcs.    /   Daily Fiction Live A Little Ruler       /     Shorebirds


Normann x Brask Art Collection Bogin MirrorsLeft: Normann x Brask Art Collection Candle holders. Right: Normann x Brask Art Collection playing cards.



For the art enthusiast. The Normann x Brask Art Collection is designed by ten different artists and features a number of objects that unite the principles of art and design. The collection aims to bring art into everyday life items and makes the perfect gift for any artistic soul.

      Manikhin Playing Cards       /      Bogin Mirror Small Pink       /     Manikhin Candlestick