Herb Stand

Herb Stand


A Fun and Practical Way to Organise Your Herbs

Herb Stand organizes your herbs and keeps them tidy, without being boring. Scissors and herbs are gathered together in one place, making it easy to season your food.  

With Herb Stand, designer Jakob Heiberg has focused on function and utility, while creating a design that is different. Its clean form language makes its function clear. However, Herb Stand is also a practical and amusing way to keep and use your herbs. 

Jakob Heiberg explains: “I am very functional in my approach to design. I think it is fun, when you can add something new and different to a product, and thus give the design an extra quality. I wanted to design a product that you could have standing on your table. At the same time, it had to gather several uses around one function – keeping the herbs tidy and making them easy to use every day – which requires a pair of scissors.” 

Design: Jakob Heiberg


Jakob Heiberg

Jakob Heiberg graduated from The School of Architecture, Copenhagen in 1983. Since then Jakob has been working as an industrial designer with a focus on kitchen accessories. Today Jakob Heiberg has his own design studio in Copenhagen.  

"I believe design is about adding extra value to a product. That’s when true creation is made, and I feel that my designs makes a difference. Function is very important, however, design and function are inseparable. Design is when it all comes together, and that is what fascinates me."

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