Northpower Sweden

Form chairs and Form barstools furnish the new kitchen and lounge of Swedish steel company Northpower, just outside of Stockholm. Floor-to-ceiling glass walls allow sunlight to come in, while Bell lamps bring additional light in the dark months of Scandinavian winter.

The interior uses the cold tones of Swedish nature in winter: white, light blue, black and grey. Cool colors are used to induce an atmosphere of calmness and serenity, creating an ideal environment for a break from office work, but also for collaboration and interaction. This purpose is also served by the soft and welcoming silhouette of the grey Form chairs, which give the space a residential look.

With their industrial yet friendly design, the Bell lamps add a comfortable home-feeling to the professional environment. The light from the lamps falls like a cone over the big round tables, providing practical lighting both for eating and more casual work meetings.