Normann Food #2: Green ginger tea

We present a new recipe for the 'Normann Food' season: a healthy morning ritual with a zingy touch for the cool summer nights.

Ginger, lime and fresh herbs are great ingredients for many dishes, but we’ve turned them into a refreshing drink perfect for cool summer nights. 

Normann Food


1 tbs. Normann Tea,  Green Tea with Walnuts

6 thin slices of lime

2 large slices of ginger

2 twigs of fresh mint  


  • Pour 80-90˚C hot water over the tea and leave to infuse for 4-5 minutes. 

  • Add mint, lime, ginger and serve. 

Tip! Use Tea Egg, Tea Strainer or Geo Vacuum flask to get the best out of your tasty and relaxing cup of green tea.