Normann Food #1: Apple Trifle

We present a new recipe for the 'Normann Food' season: and apple a day keeps the doctor away. And so does a delicious Apple trifle.

Everybody loves a good dessert and who we bet a lot of Danes out the remember having apple trifle as a child during a visit at their grandmothers house. We’ve updated this beloved dessert and added a hint of liquorice. 


Normann Food

Ingredients (6 servings): 

10 Apples 

6 tbsp. Oat flakes 

4 tbsp. Hazel nuts, chopped 

2 tbsp. Sugar 

1 large tbsp. Licorice powder

2,5 dl. Cream 


  • Peel the apples, remove the core and slice the apples into pieces. 

  • Cook the apples in a pan with a little water and the sugar while stirring until it becomes a smooth porridge. Leave to cool. 

  • Roast oat flakes, hazel nuts, sugar and licorice powder in a pan until golden. Leave to cool. 

  • Alternately layer the apple porridge and oat crumble in a glass, top off with whipped cream and optionally a sprinkle of licorice powder. 

  • Serve cold. 

Tip! Use a clear glass that shows off the beautful layering effect. We’ve used one of our Long Dring Glasses. 

Long Drink two glasses