N Gallery: Transforming everyday objects into art

Discover the transformative power of art in at “3 Voices: Transforming Everyday Objects into Art”, an exhibition at N Gallery in Korea. This exhibition unites three distinctive types of works from artists Kim Kang Yong and Inchin Lee alongside Normann Copenhagen — each contributing with a unique perspective on nature and sustainability.


Normann Copenhagen puts a spotlight on plastic waste

Normann Copenhagen’s contribution, the Bit Stool, puts a spotlight plastic waste repurposed into a charismatic, pixelated object of purpose, giving new life to a discarded material.



Kim Kang Yong, Contemporary Artist, puts a spotlight on sand

Kim Kang Yong explores the theme of "repetitive formalism," transforming the primal element of nature, sand, into captivating artworks. Inspired by New York's brick-filled walls, Kim's paintings depict the preciousness and dignity of human existence, portraying society's foundation. From monotone-focused works to a vibrant spectrum of colors, Kim enriches his tonal palette, offering a captivating visual journey.



Inchin Lee, Ceramic Artist, puts a spotlight on raw clay materials 

Inchin Lee, in pursuit of natural order, utilizes a wood-burning kiln without glaze to create raw and free ceramic works. Harmony between humanity and nature emerges through the elemental materials of earth and fire. Lee's creations, simple yet resonant, reveal the texture and purity of earth, seamlessly integrating into everyday life, challenging traditional notions of ceramics.



The exhibition aims to transcends functional boundaries, emphasizing the essential aspects of objects. Normann Copenhagen's Bit Stool, Kim Kang Yong's imaginative paintings, and Inchin Lee's serene ceramic works converge in a harmonious blend of three different tones.

Discover the exhibition from December 5, 2023 to January 31, 2024.


N Gallery

95, Saemaeul-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, 13573, Korea

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