Behind The Scenes – Vig Photoshoot

Introducing "Behind The Scenes." A collection of photos captured by Normann Copenhagen's brand team, inviting you backstage into the heart of the brand. Join us for a behind the scenes peek into our Vig collection photoshoot, set amidst the serene beauty of the Swedish archipelago.

Just across from the Danish east coast lies Sweden. A Scandinavian neighbor close in proximity, but with a landscape extremely different to Denmark’s. With its flat fields, sandy beaches and extensive coastline, Denmark’s landscape is gentler than Sweden’s, known for its rugged beauty comprising rocky cliffs, picturesque archipelagos and dense forests. A stark contrast, despite the small distance between the two, Sweden’s nature seems harsher, more rough and unforgiving. It’s beauty is compelling, making it a striking backdrop for an outdoor furniture photoshoot for the Vig collection, enhancing the adaptability and endurance of the design.