Behind The Scenes – The Making of Mat Chair

Welcome to "Behind The Scenes”, a series of photos that invite you backstage into the heart of the brand. Join us for a behind the scenes peek into the making of Mat, a chair collection crafted using fibers from hemp and eelgrass, a type of seaweed, as an alternative to polypropylene.

Take a peek inside the creative design process
The idea for Mat Chair began in the late 1990’s, where Danish designer Peter Hiort-Lorenzen of design studio Foersom & Hiort-Lorenzen had the idea to create an alternative to the popular plastic 3D shell chair but using materials with a lower environmental impact. After decades of research, prototyping and adjustments, Mat Chair has come to life.

Peek inside the creative process behind Mat Chair, including sketches and 3D printed models from the design process.


Step behind the scenes of the production of Mat Chair

It has taken many years to acquire the know-how and skills required to manufacture a 3D shell chair using natural fibers, given the absence of prior knowledge or precedent. The production process has been perfected through years of tests and modifications.



The hemp and seaweed is harvested, shredded, combined with a bico-binder, baked into sheets and compressed in a uniquely-developed mold using a lot of heat and pressure. The shell is then cut to size, and the scraps saved for future chair productions to ensure a zero-waste production.






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