Vidar Fabric - Multifaceted Richness

We are excited to add upholstery textiles by Kvadrat Textiles to our wide range of upholstery options, offering an endless possibility for customization and personal expression. Vidar is one of the new textiles added to our textile collection.

Tightly woven, without the irregularities of other bouclé fabrics, Vidar has an inviting texture, which variously recalls blackberries, orange peel or the comforting close-knit texture of a favorite sweater.



Originally designed by Fanny Aronsen, Vidar has been re-colored by Raf Simons, with shades ranging from moss green, dark aubergine, ruby red and midnight blue through to brick and earth tones, and easy neutrals. Altogether, Vidar 4 offers 42 color options, providing an abundance of possibilities to suit any taste, need and setting. 



Vidar is made of 94% new wool and 6% nylon, creating a gentle satin surface finish of the weave that contrast the deep shadowy tones in the depths, giving a multifaceted richness to the intense colors in the range.



Vidar complies with EU Ecolabel and Greenguard Certification.


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