Production Story - Form Chair

Industry meets craftsmanship: Attention to detail is part of the Form Chair collection’s design and production DNA.


The Form Chairs are manufactured using the highest level of industrial expertise. The materials are chosen for their best-in-class quality, and give the furniture an exclusive character which, combined with a simple design language and classic colors, make for a unique and long lasting design.


Form comprises a contemporary shell chair made of molded plastic. The shells are all created of the highest quality polypropylene and have been molded using one single injection. That way you achieve an extremely strong construction with the finest and clearest surface possible. As an additional detail, the shells go through an extra finishing phase, removing every visible trace of where the plastic has been injected into the mold.



The Form Chair is mounted with a classic base with an exceptionally strong build. The powder coating used for the steel legs also ensures a highly durable result. The parts for the wooden bases are treated with two coats of clear varnish before they are mounted onto the shell. This provides extra durability while also offering a beautiful, natural surface.



Highly qualified furniture craftsmen make sure the quality is best-in-class, craft the wooden bases. The bases are assembled and sanded by hand after they are cut. The steel legs are produced in thick and strong steel pipe. The base is welded together by hand, making the use of screws unnecessary and the construction more durable. The way the bases are made also make the chairs very stable, thus improving the seating experience. All Form Chairs are fitted with strong plastic gliders which are well suited for most types of floors.


In addition to producing a high quality chair, the goal was also to create a flexible design that could be adapted to countless types of bases, including the ones that will emerge in the future. The connection principle developed especially for the Form Chair makes it possible to mount different types of bases in the same holes. Consequently, our warehouses save a lot of space as the chairs are first assembled when an order has been placed due to the many upholstery and leg options that we offer.


The design of the Form collection is also beneficial in relation to recycling. Having a shell where the legs can easily be detached also ensures an efficient recycling process. Steel, aluminum, chrome, wood and polypropylene can thus be recycled properly and reused with ease. 

Form is an astute collection, where a more responsible approach to design and production has been a core principle from the very beginning.