ELEMENTS of Normann

For  3daysofdesign 2024, we celebrate our 25-year anniversary through an in-depth examination of the core elements that define the past, present and future of Normann Copenhagen

The exhibition, ELEMENTS of Normann, is located at our three-story flagship store and showroom in CopenhagenFrom a tribute to our fondness of color, to the materials that define our collections, the exhibition brings together cutting-edge contemporary design news and the timeless favorites of our collection, staged as an enlightening, introspective and multi-layered study of the fundamental elements that constitute Normann Copenhagen.

"We began our journey 25 years ago, fueled by a shared passion for Danish design, quality, and craftsmanship. To celebrate this milestone anniversary, we are thrilled to present ELEMENTS of Normann, an artistically staged, sensory exhibition featuring a mix of our classic favorites and exciting new launches. This multi-layered journey through our past, present, and future captures the essence of Normann Copenhagen in an atmospheric and inspirational setting."

– Jan Andersen & Poul Madsen, Co-founders and CEOs, Normann Copenhagen




A journey through Normann Copenhagen’s design ethos



ELEMENTS of Staging

Upon entering the first floor, visitors will step into a space dedicated to ELEMENTS of Staging, an area that places a selection of products on literal stages, symbolizing our commitment towards continuously reinventing inspiring ways to stage our furniture, lighting and accessories designs. Here, Normann Copenhagen called on BOLON, a Swedish flooring brand that specializes in design-led flooring innovation, to dress the space with a checkerboard flooring. 



ELEMENTS of Metallic

An important element in the brand’s visual and material identity for years, silver details take center stage in ELEMENTS of Metallic. The room honors Normann Copenhagen’s long custom of working with steel, aluminum and other metallic materials. A small reference to our long-term design philosophy of incorporating something bold and out-of-the-ordinary, a round hole in the wall offers a peek inside the adjacent room.




It’s difficult to say Normann Copenhagen and not think of color. From rooms draped entirely in tone-in-tone colors to vibrant fabrics and colorful finishes, the Normann Copenhagen brand is widely known for our fondness of color. The room, ELEMENTS of Color, is entirely white, presenting a blank canvas for a lighting installation, bathing the room in different brand colors that pay homage to Normann Copenhagen’s famous (and occasionally viral) tradition of tone-in-tone rooms with matching furniture.



ELEMENTS of Togetherness

Through ELEMENTS of Togetherness, we highlight our aim of connecting people and spaces through great design. This abstract exhibition features a conceptual dining setting that emphasizes the social significance of dining environments and their role in bringing people together. The setting features a curated selection of chairs that reflect Normann Copenhagen’s design journey.




An exploration of materials from unprecedented to classic to innovative  



ELEMENTS of Nature

Induced by the recent release of our Mat Chair collection launched in early 2024, the second floor opens into ELEMENTS of Nature. An innovative presentation of the way we works with elements of nature through our choice of materials. Additionally, the space displays a literal interpretation of nature’s elements, presenting diverse areas dedicated to earth, air and water. This depicts our venture into investigating bio-based, natural materials that challenge conventional thinking within the furniture industry by exploring solutions with a lower environmental impact than the industry norm.




Wood is represented in a large part of Normann Copenhagen’s furniture and accessories, a recurrent choice of material used for a diversity of our designs from chairs to bowls. ELEMENTS of Wood presents an unconventionally sculptural compilation of some of our newly launched pieces entangled with decades-long favorites.



ELEMENTS of Innovation

As the cherry on top of the 25-year anniversary cake, the area ELEMENTS of Innovation unfolds towards the back of the 2nd floor. An area devoted to the innovative production technique and circular material of the popular Bit collection. The space mirrors our ambition to challenge conventional production methods and materials in order to explore more circular design solutions. ELEMENTS of Innovation presents an abstract Bit landscape, referencing the playfulness of the collection’s design while offering an intriguing, unconventional display of the product and its story.



Grab a limited-edition 25th anniversary poster

For our 25th anniversary, we commemorate our long tradition of working in the intersection of furniture, architecture and art through a collaboration with esteemed Danish artist, Tine Bek, whose photographic artwork “Copper Stain” is offered as a limited-edition anniversary poster for visitors to bring home.


Exhibition information

The ELEMENTS of Normann exhibition is open to all throughout 3daysofdesign and will remain open throughout 2024. With its prime location in the center of Copenhagen, a mere 100 meters from Strøget, central Copenhagen’s main pedestrian street, ELEMENTS of Normann presents an immersive and inspirational atmosphere, making it a must-visit destination for 3daysofdesign festivalgoers and design-conscious travelers visiting Copenhagen.



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