Quality and Safety Guarantees

We are committed to ensuring that our products live up to our high quality standards. Through large scale test phases and certifications, we continuously improve and adjust our products before introducing them to the market.

This is your guarantee that our products comply with the highest standards in quality and emission testing as well as load capacity.

Read more about our tests and certifications here.

Strength and Stability

We carry out comprehensive testing on the majority of our furniture to ensure their strength, stability and durability. We test the majority of our seating through the European Standard EN testing as well as the American National Standard ANSI/BIFMA testing. During the testing, loads, forces and velocities are applied to the chairs, stimulating the normal functional use as well as misuse that might be expected to occur. 

Using the EN testing as an example, the majority of our furniture is tested to EN Level L2, meaning that it fulfills the requirements for extreme use, for example in night-clubs, prisons, transport terminals, sport changing rooms etc. In order to meet the strict requirements of the EN testing, the load capacity is tested in two rounds, as depicted by the illustration of our Form Chair during the testing process.
In order to meet the strict requirements of the ANSI/BIFMA testing, the load capacity is tested in a manner much similar to the EN testing – your guarantee that our furniture is safe and durable.

Emission Testing

We test furniture emissions to ensure that our furniture contributes with a good air quality in indoor environments. By testing our products, we can determine their exact emission of VOCs. This is your guarantee that our furniture is a safe choice for a healthy indoor air environment.

Our upholstery suppliers Kvadrat, Camira and Sørensen Leather all operate to the highest environmental standards. The majority of our upholstery textiles are VOC-tested and hold either the Greenguard Gold Certificate or the SCS Indoor Advantage Gold Certificate. Our leather upholstery is ANSI/BIFMA tested, guaranteeing that no harmful emissions are released into the environment.

Read more about VOC emissions and indoor air quality here.