Our Production

We strive to produce the majority of our products in the regions they are sold. Producing locally is crucial to reducing emissions and waste generated by global transportation.

Normann Copenhagen operates in two main regions: The European Union and the Asia-Pacific region.

We have similar production facilities as well as local supply chains and distribution in these regions, reducing unnecessary transportation from one country to another, reducing our carbon footprint significantly, while supporting local craftsmanship and its workforce.

A Collective Responsibility

At Normann Copenhagen, we work hard to select the best-in-class suppliers of raw materials such as wood, steel, plastic, fabrics, and more.

Our in-house design and product development team have spent years establishing close, solid relationships with carefully selected suppliers. Over the years, we have built long-term relationships and established a dialogue based on trust and a shared responsibility.

We regard our mission to become more sustainable as a collective responsibility between us and our suppliers. Together, we are working towards a more sustainable industry, striving to optimize our operations to become more responsible.

Code of Conduct

In our efforts towards holding ourselves accountable for our operations, including our social and environmental footprint, we demand that our suppliers meet the same high standards that we set for ourselves. It is essential to us that our suppliers share a common understanding of responsible business behavior. 

Our Code of Conduct aims to ensure that not only environmental but also social standards/guidelines are being complied with by our suppliers. We carry out quality control visits on a regular basis to ensure that our suppliers comply with these guidelines. Thereby, we ensure that valid national and international regulations as well as the industrial minimum standards are maintained.