Words by our founders

Design that matters

"We believe design can be a part of improving human quality of life by making people happier. Great design made of quality materials, and manufactured in an environmentally responsible way.

We build our expertise on a strong heritage of great craftsmanship and we use materials in new and innovative ways to make high quality designs that will last for generations.

We all carry a responsibility for our way of living and for the choices we make and how those choices impact the environment as well as the communities we are a part of.

Normann Copenhagen takes responsibility by making long-lasting products manufactured in a responsible and environmentally-friendly way as well as taking social responsibility through a strong commitment to cultural and charity projects. "

Jan Andersen & Poul Madsen
Founders of Normann Copenhagen

CSR profile

A strong commitment

We acknowledge our position as a leading design company producing accessories, lighting and furniture and thus our role in helping to create a more sustainable world.
We support the United Nations Development Goals for a more sustainable future.

To achieve our CSR mission, we have identified four areas where we believe we can have a positive impact on the environment and our surroundings.

1) Design and materials
2) Supply chain
3) Sponsorship
4) Our people

Through our CSR efforts, we make tangible commitments toward contributing to UN Sustainable Development Goals 5, 8, 12 and 15.

Focus 1

Making great sustainable design

We believe in products that can last a lifetime. It makes sense for the consumer and it makes sense for the environment. Together, we can limit the impact on the environment by purchasing less and thereby producing less.

In 2012, we established an in-house design studio with designers and engineers working closely together. This means we can follow and shape the design processes all the way from initial idea to the final product. In addition, we collaborate with external designers from all over the world.

When introducing a new furniture design to the market, a new lamp or an accessory, our skilled team of designers and engineers challenge existing ways of production and utility of materials, in order to create the best possible product, manufactured in the most responsible way.

Focus 2

Acting local in a global world

We produce our accessories, lamps and furniture in Europe and Asia. We believe it makes sense to produce as close to the market as possible: As we sell our products worldwide, we have decided to move closer to the markets with our production, sales staff and warehouses.

We have similar production setups in China and Europa for most of our furniture. This means we can produce the same furniture pieces in China as we do in Europe. This helps us reduce our environmental footprint as we don't have to ship products from Europe to the Asian markets. At the same time, we like to support the local craftsmanship and workforce.

Normann Copenhagen aims to work with suppliers that commit to United Nations' world goals. All suppliers must comply with Normann Copenhagen's code of conduct, which ensures that the products are manufactured in a responsible way with fair conditions for the employees and for the environment.

Focus 3

Making a difference

Since the company’s establishment in 1999, it has been of great importance for us to play a significant role in making a positive contribution to the society that surrounds us.  

We take great pride in taking social responsibility through our charity donations. Furthermore, we enjoy being active sponsors of cultural initiatives. 
We support small and large-scale projects in Denmark and abroad. Particularly the focus on children in need is close to our hearts, yet our efforts span broadly and target SDG’s 1, 3 and 5. 

Focus 4

Our people

We treasure the people in our organization and see our employees as our biggest asset in order to be able to succeed in our industry. 
Our company culture is characterized by being open, democratic, having great team spirit and a flat hierarchy structure. Everyone’s voice is important, and we enjoy collaborating across departments and cultures, counting over 25 different nationalities within our organization.  
Normann Copenhagen employs approximately 100 people worldwide. We are proud that 22 percent of our employees have been with us for more than 8 years and 40 percent for more than 5 years.  
When we hire, we always look at the person as an individual. We employ people because of their competences and skills, irrespective of age, sex, race, religion or ethnicity. We have a representation of 55% female and 45% male in the organization, creating a diverse workforce.  We believe that strong competences and skills come from experience, which is why we are always open for internships and other education-related activities. 

The health and well-being of our employees are of great importance to us. Therefore, we are very proud of the fact that 76% of our employees working at  our head office bicycle or walk to work every day. To further support a healthy lifestyle, we offer employees free yoga sessions at our head office once a week and host several social events during the year for employees to form strong bonds with each other. We believe that time invested in health and safety has significant benefits in terms of employee welfare and morale. In addition to the initiatives above, we also provide health insurance to our employees.