Conscious materials

Sourcing Responsible Materials

When developing a new design, our skilled team of in-house designers and engineers challenge existing ways of production and utility of materials in order to create products that are manufactured in the most responsible way. A large part of the design process consists of reflecting on materials, their quality, durability, origin, environmental impact and life cycle. Our sourcing team works hard to select the best materials from the best-in-class suppliers, and continuously strives to optimize our use of materials in order to minimize our environmental impact on our surroundings. We constantly seek new ways to introduce circular materials in our production.

Recycled Materials

Utilizing existing materials and recycling them in order to create new designs is inarguably a circular way of production.

We strive to increasingly use this kind of circular production method by giving new life to recycled waste materials. In 2021, we introduced a series of products made from recycled plastic waste.

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Normann Copenhagen works with some of the best textile suppliers on the market, all of which operate to the highest environmental standards. Our upholstery is sourced from leading textile companies such as Kvadrat and Camira. Read more about their extensive sustainability efforts by clicking the respective links. 

Normann Copenhagen uses high-quality natural leather from one of the worlds leading suppliers, Sørensen Leather. The leather stems from raw cowhides, which are a natural, circular material that is a by-product of the meat and dairy industry. Through upcycling, they are upgraded into quality leather for further use.

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All our wooden products that are imported to Europe follow the EU Timber Regulation (EUTR), which ensures the legal sourcing of wood.

We aim to use sustainable wood and thus, during the course of 2022, the majority of our wood will be certified to FSC standards. The FSC certification ensures the responsible management of the world’s forests.


Keeping in line with our belief that longevity is at the core of sustainable design, we use polypropylene, a strong and highly durable material, for several designs in our furniture collection.

We use a combination of recycled polypropylene, virgin polypropylene as well as a mix of the two. The material offers high resistance and durability, which ensures a long product lifetime.

Furthermore, polypropylene is highly recyclable and consumes low energy during production


The majority of our own textile products are certified in accordance with European environmental guidelines; the EU Ecolabel or OEKO-TEX certification.

For example, our Snooze bed linen is made from OEKO-TEX certified cotton and comes packaged in a matching drawstring bag, which is made from the excess material from the production.

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