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Bloggers, designers and Pizza Wheel.

On the 20th of May 2014, we invited some of our friends from the press to join our Pizza event in Timm Vladimir’s Kitchen in Valby. The event was held in connection with the launch of our new Pizza Wheel

Pizza Wheel is a multi-functional kitchen utensil with a built-in bottle opener in the handle. This smart and space-saving object is ideal for everyday use and is a decorative addition to every dining table.

Normann Pizza - Normann Copenhagen


The designer Alessandro Busana drew his inspiration for the Pizza Wheel from the dining table. For him, this is an almost magical place where you can sit down with family or friends to discuss the events of the day over a relaxing dinner. 

Alessandro Busana explains:


''Maybe it’s because I’m Italian, but when I think of an informal dinner with friends or family, a pizza with a cold beer or soft drink is almost a ritual. This observation quickly led me to the idea of having a bottle opener and cutting function in one and the same product. This means that you only have to remember to take one item with you to the dining table. This practical aspect is one of the reasons I really like to design objects that are multi-functional.''

It was an enjoyable afternoon packed with delicious ingredients, tales of pizza history, cooking and new functional designs for gastronomic masterpieces. We completed the day by asking a number of Danish journalists, stylists and bloggers to create their own dream pizza. 

Here are a few examples of what they came up with – enjoy!

Normann Pizza

Blogger Allan Torp from Denmark´s largest design blog bungalow5 made a classic pizza with tomato, bacon, mozzarella, olives and basil.

Normann Pizza

Living stylist and blogger from Boligcious, Malene Marie Møller, challenged the senses and created a dessert pizza with rhubarb compote, goat cheese, acacia honey and fresh basil.

Normann Pizza

Kasper Foged Rasmussen, News Editor at one of the leading Danish interior magazines Bo Bedre, mixed sweet, sharp and fun flavors in his pizza with fennel, tomato, pine nuts, rosemary, salami Milano and radish.

Normann Pizza

Living Director at one of the leading Danish interior magazines Alt Interiør, Nicola Kragh Riis, made her favorite pizza with tomato sauce with basil, anchovies, sausage, Vesterhavsost, parmesan, fennel and sun-dried tomato.

Normann Pizza

Mette Helena Rasmussen, stylist and owner of Retro Villa, has created her pizza based on this motto is: ''more is okay (sometimes!)''. Her pizza is with tomato, parma ham, sun-dried tomato, garlic, onion, gorgonzola, mozzarella and thyme. 

Invite friends & family and start baking…

Normann Pizza


The Pizza Wheel is available in classic black, grey and sand as well as three appetizing colors drawn from the pizza world; a red inspired by tomatoes and bell peppers, an aubergine color and a dark green reminiscent of oregano and spinach. Whether you serve your own, delicious homemade pizza creations or you order directly from your local pizzeria on the corner, the Pizza Wheel is an obvious companion at the dining table. 

Get your own Pizza Wheel here.