Choice of suppliers

The supply chain

Our product line consists of many different types of products. In consequence, we work with a large group of suppliers of both raw materials and manufacturing.

Our sourcing team works hard to select the best-in-class suppliers of raw material such as wood, steel, plastic, fabrics and more.

Quality control is important to us. To be close to the production sites, we have employed our own team of skilled Quality Control Managers, both in Europe and in Asia, who visit the production sites several times a year to ensure fair production and that the products meet our high standards.


Reducing CO2 emission

Normann Copenhagen takes responsibility for reducing CO2 emissions through the choice of transportation providers, all of which have active policies for just that.

We sell our products all over the world. We primarily transport by ship, which is a more environmentally friendly transportation option. In addition, many of our made-to-order products can be shipped directly from the production sites to the customers. This way, we reduce the amount of transportation per item.

In August 2016, we established our second warehouse facility, of which one is located in Denmark and one in China. This means that products made in China no longer need to be shipped back and forth to Denmark before reaching the Asian customers and vice versa. This has resulted in a significant reduction in our CO2 emissions.