Poufs & Stools

Playful and colorful, or minimalistic and monochrome. No matter your personal style, poufs and stools are decorative and functional additions to your interior that add character to the room while being versatile furniture pieces. Accompany your lounge chair with a footstool in a matching shade of color for an elegant tone-on-tone interior, or use poufs in contrasting, fashionable colors as extensions to your sofa for a flamboyant expression.
A pouf is for any room in the house. In soft velvet and warming colors a pouf is a decorative seat in the bedroom, while a more robust yet friendly pouf is ideal for the children’s room. Combine a group of three-legged stools and poufs in various colors for creative seating solutions whenever extra seats are needed for friends in the living room or around the dining table. In hallways and wardrobes poufs and stools are simply indispensable. Play with colors and dare to choose a bright yet warming yellow or a pale blush upholstered pouf to add a unique personal touch to your room.
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