Swivel Chairs

Fashionable and trendy, colorful and lively, or classic and timeless. A chair adds a personal statement to its surroundings. Inspired by Scandinavian design traditions, where designs were thought to be evenly versatile, functional and aesthetic, we have designed a range of swivel chairs that elegantly fit into a modern office environment or around meeting - and dining room tables.
Find inspiration for your home office and discover a collection of swivel chairs and armchairs, designed with simplicity in mind. A pure form and clean lines combined with the versatility and function of the swivel chairs, make them ideal furniture pieces for both work and pleasure. Around the dining table the rotating centerpiece lets you turn towards the conversation, while the swivel chair on wheels allows ultimate movement in your home office, letting you reach easily for binders and file holders. To adjust the height for additional comfort, a gaslift has been added to part of our office chairs. Customize your new chair in a unique upholstery or exclusive leather to fit your personal style.
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