Lounge Chairs

Living rooms are for relaxation and socializing, for friends and family, and for entertainment and tranquillity. It’s a room that needs to be functional, inviting and comfortable. To fulfill these essentials we have designed a range of appealing lounge chairs in uncompromising designs, ready for you to unwind your mind and relax in. In a spacious room a pair of tall lounge chairs create an intimate space that allows you to plunge in and relax, immerse in conversations or read your favorite books. Effortlessly adding character and warmth, a low lounge chair is ideal for bedrooms, offices and smaller spaces where a little extra comfort is needed.
Leather and woolen upholsteries combined with Scandinavian simplicity create an intriguing attraction that characterizes the lounge chairs. Whether you favor classical refinement or bold and playful designs, a large range of our lounge chairs can be customized to match your personal style. Combine soft pastel colored upholstery with wooden legs for a modern and elegant look, add a splash of color with a vibrant red or blue lounge chair, and choose leather upholstery for exclusive elegance.
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