Barstools are aesthetic and functional designs that add a characteristic expression to the kitchen and bar counters. Let a pair of barstools accompany each other in front of a kitchen island, grouped around a tall dining table, or elegantly on a row in the bar. Adding a visual effect to its surroundings, the design of a barstool is essential for the expression of your interior design scheme. Without compromising either function or aesthetics in the design of our barstools, and because the height of a barstool is crucial for your position and comfort, we have designed our barstools in various heights to fit your bar counter. With the additional foot- and backrest your are guaranteed to have a pleasant seat for hours on end.
Besides adding character, color and texture to your interior, barstools are flexible seating solutions ideal for small kitchens and dining areas. Use a backless barstool as a kitchen breakfast barstool for a spare countertop and slip the stool underneath when not in use. While backless barstools are ideal in small homes the low backrests of the Form and Just barstools create elegant curves that provide extra comfort.
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