Shoehorn long black

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Material: Plastic
Size & weight: Height: 71,3 cm
Width: 4,2 cm
Depth: 3,5 cm
Weight: 0,2 kg
Product info: Use the the included magnetic mounting fixture to hang Shoehorn on the wall.
Clean with damp cloth.
Awards: Red Dot Award 2013 in Germany - for high design quality.


Flexibility and functionality are the essence of this shoehorn. Designer Nis Øllgaard has worked on its design in great depth to enable both function and form to work together.

The unique function of the shoehorn is the slim, flexible yet robust tip, which adjusts to the foot and shoe. The thickness and shape of the handle are designed to fit in the hand and create a natural, user-friendly experience.

Hang it next to your shoes for easy access or let the sculptural design of Shoehorn draw focus on a wall by itself. The magnetic mounting fixture included makes it easy to hang Shoehorn on the wall.

Shoehorn is available in four decorative colors; black, blue, purple and green.

Awards: Red Dot Design Award 2013 


Nis Øllgaard

Nis Øllgaard has an education in Industrial Design from Aarhus School of Architecture. Since 1981 he has worked as an industrial designer.

For Nis Øllgaard a great design arises when function and form melt together in a logical coherence. He wants to create smile on the users´ faces. He is fascinated by the design process itself and believes in designing from his heart. If the design is not good, then don´t make it.

Nis Øllgaard