Hang On Coat Rack

Hang On


Chaos and Useful Order at the Same Time

Hang On is an unpretentious and humorous coat rack that is accessible and easy to decode with its oblique expression. Hang On is available in several colors.

Jade Barnes-Richardson has taken the archetypal coat hanger and created a new and exciting piece of furniture from an original idea. Inspired by how clothes, overcoats and other accessories are often dumped around the home, Hang On is a coat rack consisting of a collection of several coat hangers. Chaos and useful order at the same time.   

Jade Barnes-Richardson says: “I am fascinated by multi-functional designs. Just like the disorder that results from throwing our clothes into piles at home, the designed chaos of Hang On creates order in its very own way. Hang On is a versatile design for everyday objects such as jackets, towels and accessories”.

Design: Jade Barnes-Richardson

Jade Barnes-Richardson

Normann Copenhagen nominated Jade Barnes-Richardson’s Hang On as “Best New Product” from amongst the multitude of budding talent during the LaunchPad Pulse fair held in the UK in June 2009. Hang On has now been put into production by Normann Copenhagen.

Jade Barnes-Richardson