Fold Mirror



A Mirror that surprises

Marie Thurnauer has designed a simple wall mirror with an unusual angle and a light and playful expression for Normann Copenhagen. The way the mirror slopes outwardly from the wall takes the viewer by surprise and gives it an extra and unexpected dimension.

Marie Thurnauer found her inspiration for Fold at a visit to Salvador Dali’s house at Port Lligat in Spain, where she saw a mirror that distorted her reflection. This gave rise to her designing a mirror that played with the reflected image and gave the viewer an alternative experience without compromising the function of the mirror.

Marie Thurnauer says: ”I love to be surprised. People are used to predicting the image they are met with when looking into a mirror hanging flux with the wall but when one alters the angle, and the mirror is allowed to tilt out from the wall instead, the image becomes totally different to what a persons naturally expects and this is a surprise.”

Design: Marie Thurnauer

Marie Thurnauer

Marie Thurnauer is both an interior architect and a product designer. She has a diploma from Fundamental Studies of Architectures in Paris and also graduated from the school of design, ENSCI, Les Ateliers in Paris. 

Since graduating she has been working as a freelance designer as well as a consultant with the mission to develop Craft and Design in the Philippines, Ethiopia and Peru. In 2000 she opened her own design studio, Petites Productions in Paris. At the studio, Marie Thurnauer creates products in many different materials such as steel, wood, porcelain, textiles and even cardboard. 

Marie Thurnauer explains: “I think design should be like the nature – it always finds a good solution to fit. I like the ability of a material to be transformed into something useful. Design should also be good functionality, in balance, noiseless and with no need for any explanation.” 

Marie Thurnauer