Bathroom Design Inspiration

Bathrooms are often neglected when decorating the home, but with the right bathroom accessories, it's easy to freshen up the space and turn it into one of your favorite rooms in your home. Create an aesthetically pleasing bathroom by incorporating storage solutions that are as functional as they are decorative.
Pocket wall organizers 

Utilize The Walls

Ideal for smaller bathrooms, Pocket allows you to make the most of your space by utilizing the walls. Free up som floor space, and use Pocket for magazines, toothbrushes, makeup, shampoo, lotions and much more. You can even huse Pocket as a planter, and add some fresh greenery to your bathroom. Combine the different sizes and colors and create a unique, wall-mounted storage system.


Curve mini hooks


Curve mini hooks in metallic shades for the bathroom


Elegant and Functional Hooks

Hang your robe, towel or favorite toiletries on your bathroom walls with the help of the Curve Mini Hooks. The hooks are ideal for lighter bathroom accessories such as small towels, jewelry and light bathrobes. Available in five, captivating metallic shades of matt black, matt gold, matt silver, matt brown and silver. Find your favorite or mix and match for a more playful and personal hook display.


Ballo - the dancing toiletbrush


The Dancing Toilet Brush

Not the most enticing bathroom product, objectively — but a purposeful one. Ballo is an unconventional, playful toilet brush with a fun feature. The organic shape features a curved bottom that allows Ballo to wobble slightly back and forth without tilting over. Add a touch of playfulness to your bathroom with this distinctive design.


Horizon mirror with integrated shelf


2-in-1 Shelf and Mirror

Horizon is a collection of wall mirrors in varying geometric shapes with an integrated steel shelf. Serving as a practical detail as well as a decorative element, the shelves allow for storing all those bathroom accessories you need close at hand. Horizon is the perfect solution if your sink is small, as you can use the shelf to store your toothbrushes and hand soap.


Nic Nac Organizers


Keep Order of Bathroom Accessories

Keep your daily bathroom amenities at hand with the Nic Nac Organizers, perfect for lotions, soaps, beauty products and jewelry. The organizers fit perfectly inside each other, offering elegant and functional storage.