Woofy Cable Container white

200.00 $
Material: Plastic
Size & weight: Width: 20 cm
Height: 33 cm
Length: 48 cm
Weight: 1,6 kg
Product info: Woofy is a cable container and your new friend.


Woofy is a cable container in the shape of a dog. He has many good qualities and he is mans best friend when it comes to concealing cables.

Woofy is made of plastic and has a hollow inside. Put the cables in the lidded opening at the back of his legs and store the cables in his stomach.

Woofy lets you conceal your cable spaghetti in a decorative and fun way. He is perfect for the office, the living room or anywhere else where you have a lot of cables.


Gabriel Nigro

"I grew up in a very artistic family and was surrounded by creative people since I was very young. As a child I spent hours underneath my father’s drawing board, a great deal of time watching my mother create her ceramics and often spent entire weekends at my uncle’s atelier. These experiences have influenced me throughout my life, but are even more apparent to me today with the debut of Woofy."

"The process of making this piece has caused me to reflect on my family legacy and has served as a great inspiration to my work. I love surprises. I’m like a little kid in that way. I have so many wild ideas all the time and I’m constantly inventing new ways to make life easier, more pleasurable, less complicated. I see an opportunity in every situation, and I like to use my creativity to solve problems. I spend hours thinking about solutions before I start taking things apart and putting them back together. I enjoy recreating the things that surrounds me in order to make them more functional and more meaningful for me in the way I live."

Gabriel Nigro


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Best friends

Woofy spotted with his new best friend at the Tønder Festival.

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Do you know your big cities?

Woofy has visited more than 25 different places around the world. Can you tell which big city he has visited this time?

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Woofy spotted at CES 2008!

Woofy spotted at the HP booth at CES 2008 in Las Vegas

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Woofy in the sky

This must be the first time in history that a cable container flies a hot-air balloon. Join Woofy as he travels around the world.

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Its all about passion

Passion for a small plastic dog – called Woofy...

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Woofy: "Make use of me!"

It´s nice to have a Woofy…

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Mr. Corleone we have been expecting you...

We have been taking pictures of Woofy our cable container dog with friends from around the world, for a while. But this picture of two gentlemen from New York got us to think of a very special movie...

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Woofy spotted in Milan!

This week, being a part of the furniture and design industry, Milan is the place to be. We, like many others, are exited to see lots of new designs at this years Salone Internazionale del Mobile fair in Milan April 16-21.

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Woofy on fire!

A customer had ordered Woofy and had already sold 3 before they arrived. When he finally saw Woofy he called me asking “it is not a LAMP???”

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Rap with Woofy

Our little black friend (Woofy Black) has made it into his first music video.

Normann Copenhagen Be Creative and win 2008 mooh
Be Creative And Win 2008
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The winners of "Be creative and win!"

Woofy on the wall really made us laugh. The winner, Stein Cato Sætre also titled his work “Skudt på Østerbrogade” – shot on Østerbrogade which probably refers to our flagship store in Copenhagen.

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"We come in peace!"

Another Woofy invation in Italy – spotted at FONTANA showroom in Costabissara/Vicenza.

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Whats all the fuss about

I thought I was going to have a quiet summer – traveling and meeting new people. But suddenly everybody starts talking about me and Britney Spears.

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