Washing Up Bowl & Brush mint

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Material: Bowl: Rubber
Bruch: Beech wood & Natural bristles
Size & weight: Width: 28 cm
Height: 14 cm
Length: 28 cm
Weight: 0,8 kg
Product info: The rubber material used is approved for food and can be used for salad or fruit.
Suitable for dishwasher.
Use it as a wine or champagne cooler or to keep soft drinks cool.
Use it for storing children's toy or magazines.
Awards: Formlandprisen 2002 in Denmark & DesignPlus 2002 in Germany.

Washing-up Bowl & Brush

Washing-up Bowl is an innovative and flexible piece of kitchen equipment that breaks up the boredom of everyday routines. Normann Copenhagen is now launching the Washing-up Bowl in an inviting mint color that oozes simplicity, cleanliness and Scandinavian elegance. The distinguished mint is drawn from delicate mineral colors and complements both cool and warm, deep colors in the kitchen.

Washing-up Bowl is also a useful object for many other things around the house, and the bold and original design offers endless possibilities to meet your every need. Use it to clean dishes, store toys, hold plants, as a magazine holder, or even as an ice cooler for champagne.

The Washing-up Bowl is flexible and strong and the design makes it suitable for everything from flowers and a footbath to storage be it indoors or outside. 

Design Plus 2002

Selected for Phaidon Design Classics’ 999 most innovative and influential designs of the past 200 years.
Washing-up Bowl & Brush

Ole Jensen

Ole Jensen is educated from The Arts and Crafts College in Kolding and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. Since 1985 Ole has taught at several design schools, exhibited his works in most of Europe, and co-founded and served as a member of several design associations and councils. He has won a number of famous design awards and been featured in several publications.

“Ideas and materials are closely related. The idea takes its form only when working with the material. I only trust a particular form when I have touched it with my fingers. I am able to communicate with the manufacturer as well as the end user through the particular object, and I see myself as a fertile minimalist. Everything counts. Neither more nor less! I aim at finding the uniqueness in the simple design and vice versa. Every single day brings new design challenges which I would like to take up”.

Design Awards:
Washing-up Bowl & Brush: Design Plus 2002, Formland Prisen 2002
Dustpan & Broom: Formland Prisen 2002

Ole Jensen


ceci nest pas une four 4 washing bowls green blue pink
Blog Post

Ceci n'est pas une...

This is not a Washing-up Bowl!  You may think it is the Ole Jensen’s rubber bowl – but its not! Sounds strange? Sometimes a product is designed for one purpose, but depending on the circumstances used for something completely different.

Washing up bowl a classic
Blog Post
A Classic in a new cool color!
Washing up bowl red drawing sketch evolution of the washing bowl
Blog Post

Evolution of the Washing-up Bowl

You may have seen our Washing-Up Bowl, but do you also know the story behind the product?

Washing up bowl kiits suomi pink with champagne
Blog Post

Kiitos Suomi

Our Washing-Up Bowl is specially chosen for the recognized “Habitare fair” in Helsinki. Furthermore, the Washing-up bowl becomes a permanent part of the recognized Design Museum Finland.

washing up bowls grey black 2 out of 10 makes us pretty proud
Blog Post

2 out of 10 makes us pretty proud

Yesterday DDC (Danish Design Center) opened the 10+  Design Forecast exhibition. We are of course proud to have both our Washing-up bowl and the yellow Play kids furniture among the new classics within Danish design.

Washing up bowl spotted at moma new york rocking glass
Blog Post

Spotted at MoMA New York

Nice to see how the MoMA cafe 2 uses our washing-up bowl as a cooler, and the Rocking glass for serving their desserts.

Washing up bowl red this is not a washing up bowl brush
Blog Post

This is not a washing up bowl

We asked our readers on Facebook and Twitter to come up with creative ideas for using the Washing-Up Bowl.

Normann Copenhagen Be Creative And Win 2010 washing up by konstantinos
Be Creative And Win 2010
See all the submissions in the Facebook album.

Normann Copenhagen Be Creative And Win 2011 by pacp anifar
Be Creative And Win 2011
See all the submissions in the Facebook album.

Eigenhuis March 2011 Washing up bowl 3
In the media
Eigenhuis March 2011