Mormor buttering L

36.25 $
Material: Porcelain
Size & weight: Length: 25 cm
Width: 18 cm
Height: 0,7 cm
Weight: 0,9 kg
Product info: Suitable for dishwasher.
Mormor means Grandmother in Danish.

Mormor Buttering Board

Mormor is a humorous and functional series for the modern kitchen and dining table which has clear references to the traditional kitchen. Structures and patterns from well-known kitchen items such as cloths and tea towels are represented in the visual expression of the series, and the various pieces can be put together however you want.     

Mormor is a humorous series of dinner service suitable for every occasion, and the various pieces can be put together to create exactly the look you want.     

Use the Mormor Buttering Board to make your sandwiches, serve your guest with sushi, or use it as a dessert plate.

Suitable for dishwasher and microwave.

Gry Fager

Gry Fager has a degree from both School of Glass and Ceramics on Bornholm and The Danish School of Design.

"My approach to design is based on an interest for creating everyday objects. My main focus is on ceramic and the most important thing is that my designs have a function and a purpose. My design process is based on increasing the recognizable while creating a new frame of reference and way of use. I like the interplay between shape, function and material and through observation I get inspired by the things that surround me."   

Normann Copenhagen spotted Gry Fager’s design even before she completed her training at The Danish School of Design in 2008. With the introduction of the Mormor series it is the first time that Gry Fager has had her designs put into production.

Gry Fager


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Normann Food - February

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Mormor, Normann Copenhagen, Woonideen September 2012
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Woonideen September 2012
GRy fager a japanese man fell in love with grys mormor cake in workshop
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A japanese man fell in love with Gry's Mormor.

This is Gry Fager, the designer of the Mormor series – and this is the story about how you make a grown up Japanese man (Hirai-San aka Mr. Scope) fall in love in one hour.

Galleria Normann Copenhagen in the media Bridgitte Mormor
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Bridgitte December 2009
Mormor japanese cake
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Japanese Cake Party

Browsing through Scope's website we found these adorable pictures of our Mormor tableware and Rocking Glasses used for a afternoon tea and cake party.

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Normann Food - June

If anything says Summer in Denmark it must be a fresh made open sandwich!

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Danish Designer lunch – it works!

We love great food and today we were in for a wonderful treat. Right before lunch these delicious mini “smørrebrød” arrived from a company called Danish minies. We love it!

Efil February 2011 Mormor 2
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Efil February 2011
Eigenhuis  Interieur September 2011 Mormor 2
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Eigenhuis Interieur September 2011
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Gift guide for the perfect picnic

Today, we present the Perfect Picnic – the Normann Copenhagen style. In today’s Gift Guide, you will find all the necessities for a lovely day outside. Even though summer seems far away, it’s time to prepare for the first warm days to come.

Mormor ribbed blue squared designer gry fager
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This is Gry Fager, the designer of...

We spotted Gry’s design even before she completed her training at the Danish Design School back in 2008. But what has she designed for Normann Copenhagen?

Mormor blue group we met gry mormors mom
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We met Mormors mom

If you haven’t heard about the young designer, Gry Fager allow us to introduce her. She is the designer of our new Mormor series. A series of quite unique products all inspired by traditional Scandinavian tea towels and dish cloths.

Efil February 2011 Mormor 1
In the media
Efil February 2011