Krenit Salad Set white

25.00 $
Material: Melamine
Size & weight: Height: 4,5 cm
Length: 30 cm
Weight: 80 g
Product info: Suitable for dishwasher.
Not suitable for microwave.

Krenit Salad Set

The Krenit salad bowl & set are inspired by the simple form language of the East. The long pointed handles reflect traditional chopsticks. With a simple and clean expression, the Krenit series is a modern classic that lets function and aesthetics play perfectly together.

The Krenit salad set lies perfectly in the salad bowl and the round head makes it easy to scoop up the dressing. Use the salad set for everyday use or for special occasions. The idea behind the salad set is for it to contribute to the experience of what is being served.

The Krenit salad set is available in several colors, providing ample opportunity for adding a splash of color to the dinner table. The colors have been carefully selected to fit beautifully with the colors in the Krenit range as well as with other types of salad bowls.

Herbert Krenchel designed the Krenit range back in 1953 and relaunched by Normann Copenhagen in 2009. The series has achieved great success ever since and is now available in a wide range of sizes and colours.

The salad set cannot be used in microwave oven. The salad set is dishwasher safe. Use standard dishwashing detergent to clean the matt surface and markings will vanish.

Krenit Salad Set

Herbert Krenchel

Herbert Krenchel graduated with a Master of Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark. Herbert Krenchel’s research was focused on materials and fiber reinforcement. Since the 1950’s, simultaneously with his research, Herbert Krenchel has worked with design. The enameled Krenit bowl won the gold medal at the 1954 Milan Triennale. 

"I am excited about shapes and structures. The surface on a design object is important because it makes people want to reach out for it. I also believe that there has to be a balance between function and aesthetics. A good design must therefore contain more than one aspect to make the perfect overall impression. My inspiration comes from several things surrounding me – it can’t be explained. For me design is a way to express yourself – it’s a way to create things just the way you want it."

Herbert Krenchel


Krenit melamine bowl black with designer with salad set herbert krenchel
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A classic is reborn

The Krenit Bowl is once again available for all Krenit lovers. The classic shape is retained.

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Krenit salad set is old news very old news

You may be familiar with the iconic Krenit bowl, but do you also know that Herbert Krenchel designed a very minimalistic salad set that went  into production in 1953.

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