Geo Vacuum Jug grey

90.00 $
Material: Outer: Plastic
Inner: Thermo flask
Size & weight: 1 L.
Height: 20 cm
Ø: 16,5 cm
Product info: Not suitable for dishwasher.

Red Dot Award 2013 - "Best of the best" for the highest design quality.
German Design Award ”Special Mention” 2014


A minimalistic design featuring masculine, sharp edges fused with bright and lively color combinations. This is the essence of the Geo Vacuum Flask. Geo holds warm and cold drinks in a stylish way.

Geo has a classic and retro-inspired design, and its eccentric and fashion-inspired color combinations make it a new and unexpected impression of a thermos. Use Geo on an outing to the forest, for afternoon tea or on the terrace on a warm summer evening.

The Geo Vacuum Flask holds one liter and comes in the colors purple, grey, black, white, red and turquoise.

Red Dot Design Award 2013
German Design Award ”Special Mention” in 2014


Nicholai Wiig Hansen

Nicholai Wiig Hansen has had his own design studio since he was 26 years old. When Nicholai designs he uses himself as the target group. Proportions are extremely important in his work and details are not added from a decoration perspective but only if they serve some kind of purpose.

He is inspired by everything that surrounds him and especially art, food, nature and machinery. When Nicholai Wiig Hansen designs a new product, he always thinks the product to end in his head before sketching a single drawing. Everything from production to form and all the way to the end-user perspective.

Geo: Red Dot Award 2013 - Best of the Best, German Design Award 2014 – Special Mention
My Chair: Interior Innovation Award 2014 – Winner

Nicholai Wiig Hansen


Were nominated boligmagasinets designawards
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Nominated for Boligmagasinets Design Awards 2012

Best Danish Designer of the year: Ikos-Berlin & Nicholai Wiig Hansen

Germany, Wohn Idee, April 2014, Geo
In the media

Geo and Color Box in the German magazine Wohn Idee.

April 2014

Germany, Zuhause wohnen, May 2014, cube, brick, tablo, geo, krenit
In the media

Geo in the German magazine Zuhause wohnen.

May 2014

Geo, Normann Copenhagen, Rum October 2012
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Rum October 2012

China, Rayli Home, January 2014, Geo
In the media

Geo in the Chinese magazine Raily Home.

January 2014

Geo thermos DeMorgen September 2012
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DeMorgen September 2012
Geo Thermos white showroom
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Normann Copenhagen Showroom

This August, we have filled the Normann Copenhagen Flagship Store with all our new autumn 2012 products. 

Geo Thermos - Normann Copenhagen
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The World of Interiors January 2013

Geo white top
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Our new coffee date

Geo has a rigid and geometric shape which has been stripped of all unnecessary details to unveil a stylistic design. 

Geo by Normann Copenhagen
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Geo wins Red Dot!
Our Geo Vacuum Flask designed by Nicholai Wiig Hansen has just received the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2013!

Geo The Fairs 2012 poster
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The Fairs - Spring 2012

Not going to the fairs, or just curious? Find a sneakpeak here....

Geo Thermos - Normann Copenhagen
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Woman & Home UK January 2013