Bau Pendant Large multi

300.00 $
Material: Basswood
Size & weight: Height: 51 cm
Length: 57 cm
Weight: 1,6 kg
Product info: Easy to assemble with the included manual.
Light source EU: E27 (big socket).
Low-energy 9 Watt bulbs are recommended.
Max. 60 Watt standard bulb or max 11 watt low-energy bulb.
Socket and a 4 m textile cord is included.
Clean with damp cloth.


Download [PDF]



Bau is a sculptural hanging lamp that combines color, composition and geometric shapes in a unique and creative design. Bau is a hanging lamp with attitude. 

Bau comes in multicolor and nature. They provide a different look to the interior. 


Vibeke Fonnesberg Schmidt

Vibeke Fonnesberg Schmidt graduated from The Danish Design School in 1994. Since then she has primarily worked with unique ceramic pieces. In the later years she has started to work more with function and wood as the main material.  

“Geometrical forms have always been the point of departure for my works. I think construction and composition are important for the final result and I am continuously challenging myself by breaking through the existing frames. I want the viewer to have an experience with the object. Then it becomes alive...”

Vibeke Fonnesberg Schmidt


Landhaus September 2012 Bau
In the media
Landhaus September 2012
Magasin Living September 2012 Bau Lamp nature bedroom
In the media
Magasin Living September 2012
Bau Lamp, Normann Copenhagen, Air France Madame October 2012
In the media
Air France Madame October 2012
Bau lamp berlin Normann Copenhagen
Blog Post

The Bau lamp goes to Berlin

As one of the first worldwide Scandinavian Object has the Bau lamp in the shop. We thought it looked so good that we had to show it to you as well.

Bau Lamp, Normann Copenhagen
In the media

Casa Viva February 2013

In the media
Case & Stili August 2012
Bau Lamp Normann Copenhagen Flair
In the media

Flair December 2012

Bau Lamp, Normann Copenhagen, Le Fourquet September 2012
In the media
Le Fourquet September 2012

Bau Lamp Normann Copenhagen Myself
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Myself December 2012

We asked on Facebook - Multi or Nature?
Elle Decor April 2011 Bau 2
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Elle Decor April 2011
Bau Buzz interior decorating
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 Interior Decorating 2.0

We like to change, re-decorate and move our products around in new formations, which is why we thought that we would like to change the lamps in the ceiling – something thats easier said than done when the distance between the floor and ceiling is a bit more than 13 m.

Silhouette Italy September 2011 Bau 1
In the media
Silhouette Italy September 2011