Claydies was founded in 2000 by Karen Kjældgård-Larsen and Tine Broksø. Both Karen and Tine graduated from the Danish Design School in 2000.

“Tine throws a lump of clay and Karen catches it. Karen throws it back to Tine but it falls to the ground. We try with a new lump. This time Tine catches it and starts shaping it. It is a ping pong process, in which we are always hunting good ideas. Sometimes we wear our bowls on a catwalk. Sometimes we are inspired by horrors and murder our pots. And sometimes we set up dogma-rules and work blindfolded. We strive always to renew ourselves and make ceramic design that matters. That is to have fun and give fun...”


Grass: Best of the Year Award Merit Winner 2008, Form 2008


Claydies dancing in garden a happy ending
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A happy ending

2008 finished off with a happy ending. The Grass vase designed by Claydies was awarded Best of Year Award Merrit Winner by Interior Design Magazine´s readers. See the other awards Grass has received here. We look forward to introduce new items from the talented ladies in 2009.

Claydies true feelings naked blindfolded white background
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Claydies = anything but ordinary!

We love super creative people. They inspire us, provoke us and make us move in new directions. Creative people are always on the move – trying new things, discovering new land.

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Gift guide: The perfect picnic!

Today, we present the Perfect Picnic – the Normann Copenhagen style. In today’s Gift Guide, you will find all the necessities for a lovely day outside. Even though summer seems far away, it’s time to prepare for the first warm days to come.

Grass gift guide the perfect picnic in action function with flowers
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It looks simple – but the Grass vase has proven to be one of the most difficult products to produce. Shifting from a few items pr. week to mass production has been a very bumpy road, leaving many grass straws broken in the process.

grass sketch how to make grass
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How to make Grass

Grass is developed in several phases. The handmade vase consists of three pieces, a bottom, one or several tubes, and grass blades that are hand shaped until the right form is obtained.

Grass medium is out of stock make your own at workshop kids
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Grass medium is out of - stock make your own

We hope you by now know that we recently opened our very own webshop. Last week we ran out of the famous Grass vase in size medium. What did we do to solve the problem? We teamed up with the visitors at the High Museum of Art in downtown Atlanta and forced everyone to make medium size Grass vases!!

True feelings tea light holders true feelings in the dark
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True Feelings in the dark

We have just made a video about the tea lights – True Feelings – designed by the Danish design duo Claydies.

true feelings tea light holders
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True Feeling

Claydies explain: “True Feelings is designed by our fingers and our fingers only. Often the looks of our designs are thoroughly thought through. An immediate design where the porcelain’s fine structure gives the design an elegant and romantic look”

Grass the winners of be creative and win swing vases in blue sea
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The winners of "Be creative and win"

For the third year in a row we are proud to reveal the winners of the Be Creative and Win 2010 competition.