Anne Lehmann


Anne Lehmann

Anne Lehmann is a trained Design Technologist with a degree in design and branding from BEC Design in 2007. Anne Lehmann is employed at Normann Copenhagen where she designs new products and is responsible for the graphic and visual identity of the company. One can always find a strong, graphical element in her own designs.

“I’m a very visual person. Beautiful things make me happy. It’s that simple. When I design I always want people to get a feeling of enrichment to their lives. I design things that people want to exhibit on a shelf and that makes them smile when they walk by. Functionality is also a key element for me. Form and function is always intertwined in my processes. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be pretty – right?"


Galleria Normann Copenhagen in the media Bike Elle decor
In the media
Elle Decoration June 2011
Bike Dots
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Lots and lots of dots

After the first stage of the Tour de France yesterday we have the dane, Michael Mørkøv, wearing the dotted mountain shirt. Wohoo! 

RUM February 2011 Normann Bike 1
In the media
RUM February 2011
Icon Magazine March 2011 Normann Bike Cover
In the media
Icon Magazine March 2011
Bike detail closeup more pedal action chain
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Let's talk pedal action!

These days the car industry is busy making green cars! Cars that pollute less and are better for the environment… they say! – we say, less talk, more PEDAL action. Don’t buy a new car, do the green thing and get a new bike.

Bike Normann copenhagen bike shot from above photoshoot
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The Normann Copenhagen Bike

This morning we shot the official pictures of the brand new Normann Copenhagen Bike. 30 minutes later it was on its way to Italy. Next week it will be on display at the world’s greatest design fair, Salone Internazionales Mobiles.